The Happy Tummy

growing up in a household where breakfast, lunch and dinner meals all included rice in them, i am lucky enough to experience a different kind of gastronomical pleasures here in Melbourne! i’ve found out that love all kinds of food- from the dishes i grew up with (indonesian) to french cuisine (foie gras and the likes), from kaya toast to opera gateau cake, i love them all!

my philosophy on food is ‘best enjoyed with friends’ – yep, i truly believe it is THE best way to enjoy food of any kind. when you share food, whether you’ve made them or sharing them in an eatery somewhere, you are sharing an experience together and personally, i think it’s kinda cool. it’s like sharing a moment of your life with someone (some people)

so please enjoy this small space of mine, hopefully you can find Melbourne just as delicious as i do :]

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table to tummy Victoria restaurants

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