The Pour Kids

seems like this place is starting to make a hit in the blogosphere!

a friend who used to live around the area prompted me to this place when it was still relatively unheard of. i tried the potato gnocchi with duck sausage dish (yes, for brunch. no, it wasnt heavy- it was quite light and perfect for brunch actually)


aaah… gooey eggy goodness awaits!


oh and did i mention that their coffee is good too? also perfect if you have little kids on prams :)

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Bread & Jam for Frances

this small nook just off Glenferrie Rd is already well known for locals. what i enjoy the most about this place is the fact that there is a bookstore just next door :)

it can get too crowded at time but this small cafe is cosy enough for catching up with friends but not too pretentious. i love the simple but appealing menu selection too


tuna baguette


ricotta hot cakes with berries and vanilla labna


salmon quiche with greens

if you are ever find yourself wandering in Glenferrie Rd not knowing where to have to breakfast or brunch, do try Bread & Jam for Frances. again, best enjoyed with friends :)

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Madame Mango

one of the things i love about the melbourne food scene i the fact that you can always find small little gem like the one we spotted today in camberwell called Madame Mango.

we arrived just in time for brunch and looking at the menu, eventhough there weren’t as much variety in several brunch places, the cute names in the menu really got me!


madamoiselle salmon- savoury pikelets with spinach pesto and tasmanian salmon and cream cheese

buttermilk pancakes

Nothing better than keeping tummy happy on a lovely saturday afternoon spent with friends :)

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Quickie : Tomatoes!

i have been crazy over tomatoes lately. it all started when i tried to have a vegetarian dinner (yes, i am a meat lover. guilty as charged.) and i tried to have something that’s quite filling. so i tossed some corn, cherry tomatoes, mushroom and capsicum together and popped them in the oven. sprinkled some cheese on top. done. nothing fancy but if i could, i’d named it ‘Disti’s Dish’ – simply because that’s my bestfriend’s name who love, and i repeat, LOVE those ingredients and sort of “properly” introduced me to them.

and so the other day, i had a day off from work and was too lazy to cook something for breakfast. i decided to raid my fridge and somehow magically managed to whip this up to my tummy’s delight!

and for this version, i’d probably name it ‘Tomatoes in Heaven’ – mini roma tomatoes, capsicum, corn and day-old bread sprinkled with cheese and dukkah. 

and later that day, went for a bit of a walk down the neighbourhood. i noticed that Wall 280 has expanded their space- what used to be a small nook on the wall is now a corner space that no one can ignore. with the coffee smell wafting from the open window, obviously i cant ignore it too. so i decided to have a late lunch after some groceries shopping (yep. bought more tomatoes!)

surprise surprise. i chose the ‘sardines on sourdough with tomatoes and basil’ – the dish was so honest and delicious, i could taste every single ingredient in it! lovelove~

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The Birthday Weekend!

yep. my favourite day finally arrived last week! had no special plans but one thing i wanted was lots of ‘food and friends’ – and that is exactly what happened!!

started out on friday where we went to Mart in Middle Park. quite the iconic place i must say and their dishes didn’t disappoint either. both me and my friend were quite pleasantly surprised with the size of the dishes that were served. my friend chose the poached eggs and bacon served with toast while i opted for the french toast with poached pears with lots of vanilla ‘dots’ – me likey!

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after brunch, we decided to move to Chez Dre to have some coffee – the day was too good to be wasted sitting indoor!

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later that night, more friends joined me for a mini-celebration at one of my favorite Korean eatery, Gami in Lt Lonsdale. we got some Korean fried chicken, kimchi pancake and corn cheese to share. needless to say, tummy was very very happy!

i loooove their kimchi pancake- crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, a little bit spicy and the dipping sauce balance out the sweetness of the kimchi. perfect!

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on the saturday, a friend and i decided to try Snow Pony (affiliated with Porgie and Mr Jones, i think) in Balwyn – thanks to Entertainment Book! and after doing some research on what’s good there, all signs pointed to the toasted banana bread (with the mascarpone, raspeberries, blueberries and pistachio sprinkles on top!)…. and just looking at it makes me drool!

but i was craving for something savoury that day and decided to try another Snow Pony’s Classic – smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushroom served on toasted wholemeal bread

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the next day, we tried the newly opened Saigon – a Vietnamese restaurant in Glen Waverley. it wasnt the best Vietnamese i’ve ever tried but my theory is that food is more enjoyable with friends around :)

needless to say, it was one of the nicest weekends i’ve had in a while – with lots of food and friends, lots of celebration and lots and lots of laughter. thank you everyone who has made my birthday quite the memorable one!!