[Travelling Tummy] Dubai & Egypt

i would like to remind you firstly that i DID NOT go on a culinary tour (although i now wish i did), i actually went on a pilgrimage around Israel and it was a very interesting trip- both culinary and spiritual wise.

unfortunately, i also did not have the time to try the authentic cuisine like i promised myself i would. i did, however, get to try some local dishes that were quite delicious.

let’s start in Dubai. to be honest, i wasnt expecting much in Dubai. the town is not known for its local cuisine but it was still delicious nonetheless! and also, you too will eat anything after 2 rounds of airplane food on an 8-hour flight…

these salads were quite ‘herby’ if that’s even a word. i tasted a lot of pungent and earthy flavours despite looking like any regular salad you see everyday in any regular salad bar.

i saw a lot of these during my trip there. rice mixed with lentils/peas and olive oil – quite the combination! eventhough the rice looks dry, it was actually quite fluffy. and the local’s take on fried chickens were quite amazing, of course packed with pungent flavours and crispy coatings :)

and on our first night in Dubai, we were taken to the middle of the desert for dinner! yep, complete with some belly dancing too.

looks very simple yet very yummy! i think this might be the best one i’ve had during the whole trip- i dont know whether it’s the whole desert experience or the food was that good, but i enjoyed this ‘set meal’ i got – chicken kebab skewer, lamb kebab skewer, turmeric rice and some stewed ocra. and of course i have to try the pita bread and hummus!

now, EGYPT!!

i didnt really have a good experience while i was there and that includes the food. i didnt know why we were having Korean in Egypt. a question i still ponder upon until today. good thing i was staaaarving so i just ate whatever’s given to me.

the taste was as bland as it looks. the side dishes were okay. the chicken was tasty. and the beef dish that was supposed to be bulgogi was quite bland.

i promise you there are better dishes to come! here’s a sneak peak :)