Kokoro Ramen

Yummy and delicious new finding in CBD! A friend asked me to try the recommended item in the menu “Butter and Corn Miso-based Ramen” and oh dear lordy- it is one of the yummiest ramen I’ve had in Melbourne! They make the ramen on the spot and the broth is quite tasty. Also suitable for vegetarians, just asked for the pork belly slice to be taken out :)

Will definitely return to this joint to try their other ramen :)


Cacao Green : Junior Parade

i am not denying that i love Cacao Green’s frozen yoghurt. so many combinations to try and i cant get enough of their blueberry compote… and honey macadamia… and now, cheesecake bites!! recently they just got ‘mochi’ in the toppings bar.

often i get their yoghurt as an afternoon snack (cause it’s organic and healthy! GUILT FREE!) but lately i’ve been getting their Parfait for my lunch (well, more like late lunch…) and i especially adore their Mixed Berry Parfait :)

Mixed Berry Parfait

the Mixed Berry Parfait consists of strawberries, granolas, blueberry compote and yogurt- quite filling for lunch! but if you want something smaller, have a go at these combinations :)

italian originale with honeymac and cheesecake toppings

this is my first and still a favourite combinations! honey macadamia is too addictive!

french strawberry with cheesecake topping

this strawberry+cheesecake was a particular one when i was feeling a bit indulgent. it reminds me of strawberry cheesecake :)

italian originale-matcha twist with blueberry compote & cheesecake

okay, this is another indulgent post! i seriously cant get enough of those cheesecake bites :(

matcha with mochi and honey macadamia

now here’s the new addition to the family! mochi :) i love pairing mochi with something crunchy like honeymac, and of course, with japanese green tea! :)

i love the fact that Cacao Green is pursuing to be a completely organic store – currently, their yogurt, coffee (they deliver a decent cup of coffee!) and chocolate (world’s no 1 AMMA, no less) are all organic! it never hurts to indulge AND be good to the environment at the same time.

“A Cacao Green A Day Keeps The Craving Away” – Cacao Green

Indonesia : Senayan Express

found this kiosk in one of the biggest malls in Jakarta. i heard Senayan Express is famous for their sate (‘satay’) this was a quick lunch before we head out to Kota Tua :)

sate senayan

honestly, nothing beats the authenticity of Indonesian sate for me. every place has their own uniqueness and distinct flavor including this one! i really enjoyed the taste (i chose to have the chicken sate that day. a very good choice i must say :p )

nasi campur

i also tried the ‘nasi campur’ which literally translate into ‘mixed rice’ – well, it is a sort of rice with various side dishes, the very delicious side dishes mind you! :p

it was a quick but very delicious lunch at Grand Indonesia mall! if you happen to stop by, do give Senayan Express a try :)

Quickie : Grill’d

been a while since i ate at Grill’d. they have tasty burger combinations and their chips, i looooove their chips (especially when dipped into herbed mayo!)

i recently went there for a work meeting over lunch. and since i wasn’t in the mood for something grand, i ordered the safe option “Simply Grill’d”

simply grill'd with cheese

i must say that Grill’d never disappoints. i especially love their juicy beef patty! and the chips!! i think i’m slightly obsessed with their chips…

my friend got the Zen Hen (chicken burger) :)

zen hen

there you go! just a short quick report from Grill’d (with their ever so delicious chips…)

New Zealand : Arrowtown

in new zealand, we visited a small old town just outside of queenstown. the name is arrowtown, probably the equivalent of ‘balarat’ in melbourne. the town itself is quite picturesque, framed by mountains on 3 sides- really did remind me of the old cowboy town in the west (sans the saloons and gunshots, of course)

we were planning on a light lunch (because we booked the dinner at Skyline Restaurant- pictures coming soon!) so we stopped by this cafe, which i cant recall the name of :( but they have the prettiest salad i’ve ever seen – tasty too!

the prettiest salad ever

isnt it the prettiest? it consist of shredded purple lettuce, feta, pecans and some more greens. i’m not a big of salads but this one is dee-lee-cious! or maybe i’m just biased because of the appearance :p

we also had some savoury scone on the side. what i love about this scone is that it’s made in front of our eyes! they baked everything behind the counter and in particular this one, you can see the cheeses that they use (a very delicious NZ cheddar and parmesan cheeses were involved in the process) – a very well done savoury scone i must say!

savoury scone

okay, as far as i can remember, this little cafe has a huge ‘Lost Cafe’ sign above it but we later found out that it is not the said cafe. oh well, if you ever visited Arrowtown in NZ, you will have plenty of choices to dine at, both casual and fine dining available :)