Indonesia : Senayan Express

found this kiosk in one of the biggest malls in Jakarta. i heard Senayan Express is famous for their sate (‘satay’) this was a quick lunch before we head out to Kota Tua :)

sate senayan

honestly, nothing beats the authenticity of Indonesian sate for me. every place has their own uniqueness and distinct flavor including this one! i really enjoyed the taste (i chose to have the chicken sate that day. a very good choice i must say :p )

nasi campur

i also tried the ‘nasi campur’ which literally translate into ‘mixed rice’ – well, it is a sort of rice with various side dishes, the very delicious side dishes mind you! :p

it was a quick but very delicious lunch at Grand Indonesia mall! if you happen to stop by, do give Senayan Express a try :)

Indonesia : Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is one of the finer Japanese food establishment in Indonesia. it is available in most shopping malls in the big city (in this instance, i dined in the Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta)

i went there there my bestfriend who happens to be a Japanese food enthusiast (well, more like a every-kind-of-food enthusiast like me :p ) and we inhaled these dishes as soon as they came out!

salmon sashimi

seaweed salad

squid salad

crunchy lobster roll

californian roll

baby octopus salad

salmon belly sushi

salmon sushi roll

just like how scroll through those images, that was how quick we finished these dishes! okay maybe a bit longer. but for 2 people, this is quite a lot to chew (no pun intended) – but tummies were satisfied and that’s all that matters :)

Sushi Tei always manage to deliver in quality! and actually, the one in Surabaya is just as good! so if you every visit Indonesia but have a sudden craving for Japanese food, give Sushi Tei a try :)

Indonesia: Hachi Hachi

another international food blog entry! went home to Indonesia for a much needed catch up with family and friends. but didnt exactly go on a culinary trip :( short story is i didnt have enough time, long story is my tummy easily gets upset nowadays eating spicy food :(

anyways, i still went to some delicious eateries around Java (the main island in Indonesia) – and here it goes, first entry is not a traditional Indonesian food! lemme emphasize that again, what you are about to see is a Japanese-Indonesian fusion food in one of the most crowded eateries in Surabaya (East Java)!

spicy noodle

this is a very spicy seafood udon dish – quite delicious and very Indonesian (strong herbs and flavours)


obviously why it’s called volcano. inside is a tempura-sushi like dish, sushi fried in Japanese breadcrumbs- which is nice but i wouldnt exactly call that a fusion food.

dragon roll

now this is the highlight of my meal in Hachi Hachi! the dragon roll! you can see why for yourself- tempura prawn, rice, mayo, eel and that amazing crunchy stuff in the stuffing… *dies*