Kokoro Ramen

Yummy and delicious new finding in CBD! A friend asked me to try the recommended item in the menu “Butter and Corn Miso-based Ramen” and oh dear lordy- it is one of the yummiest ramen I’ve had in Melbourne! They make the ramen on the spot and the broth is quite tasty. Also suitable for vegetarians, just asked for the pork belly slice to be taken out :)

Will definitely return to this joint to try their other ramen :)


Snag Stand

if you havent heard already, haute dogs are the new burgers in town. thanks to Snag Stand (not too mention its convinient location in the corner of one of the most crowded hub in Melbourne CBD)

we decided to go a quick bite and tried the wagyu beef


And the American Classic


The portion was more than enough to keep us filled for a really long time too!

– do try the Chili Dog with extra jalapeno if you love spicy food (warning: NOT for the faint hearted!)
– the chips!! it is heavenly. and all the more delicious if you dip ’em in one of the available sauces

Madame Mango

one of the things i love about the melbourne food scene i the fact that you can always find small little gem like the one we spotted today in camberwell called Madame Mango.

we arrived just in time for brunch and looking at the menu, eventhough there weren’t as much variety in several brunch places, the cute names in the menu really got me!


madamoiselle salmon- savoury pikelets with spinach pesto and tasmanian salmon and cream cheese

buttermilk pancakes

Nothing better than keeping tummy happy on a lovely saturday afternoon spent with friends :)

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Summer Quickie : Haute Dogs & Coffee Roasters

summer is here!! yep, you can definitely feel the warm breeze and the sunshine coming through :)

first up is Snag Stand who’s famous for their “haute dogs” and i tried the chili dog- well it was quite chilifull! i like spicy food but this one, although delicious, was a tad too spicy for my palette. they use brioche buns for this and being a brioche lover, no complaints here :)


and then there’s Dukes Coffee Roasters. conviniently located quite close to where i live, i think i have found my new favourite eatery :)
i highly recommend their chicken BLT panini that has this ‘backn salt’ which i think simply enhanced the dish and also their pork ragout with rigatoni yummy yummy…!



and if you’re a Korean BBQ addict like me, you would know by now that Guhng is a must visit at the beginning of summer- best enjoyed with friends (and a couple bottles of soju too!)


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Quickie : Tomatoes!

i have been crazy over tomatoes lately. it all started when i tried to have a vegetarian dinner (yes, i am a meat lover. guilty as charged.) and i tried to have something that’s quite filling. so i tossed some corn, cherry tomatoes, mushroom and capsicum together and popped them in the oven. sprinkled some cheese on top. done. nothing fancy but if i could, i’d named it ‘Disti’s Dish’ – simply because that’s my bestfriend’s name who love, and i repeat, LOVE those ingredients and sort of “properly” introduced me to them.

and so the other day, i had a day off from work and was too lazy to cook something for breakfast. i decided to raid my fridge and somehow magically managed to whip this up to my tummy’s delight!

and for this version, i’d probably name it ‘Tomatoes in Heaven’ – mini roma tomatoes, capsicum, corn and day-old bread sprinkled with cheese and dukkah. 

and later that day, went for a bit of a walk down the neighbourhood. i noticed that Wall 280 has expanded their space- what used to be a small nook on the wall is now a corner space that no one can ignore. with the coffee smell wafting from the open window, obviously i cant ignore it too. so i decided to have a late lunch after some groceries shopping (yep. bought more tomatoes!)

surprise surprise. i chose the ‘sardines on sourdough with tomatoes and basil’ – the dish was so honest and delicious, i could taste every single ingredient in it! lovelove~

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