Singapore : Miscellaneous!

honestly, i ate 4 times a day when i was in Singapore and i actually lost track of when’s lunch and when’s dinner (read: meal time was severely disturbed, in a too-much-eating kinda way) so here it goes, the ‘loose’ meals that were consumed neither during lunch nor dinner. or they were probably was.  toldcha i couldnt keep count :(

noodle with sliced crispy pork

this noodle dish is literally ‘crispy’ pork – they are crumbed thinned pork, deep fried and then sliced into perfection. and that maroon ‘blob’ you see there is ‘sambal’ (or chili paste) – but it’s not spicy at all, more like sambal for tastiness. well, it is one tasty dish! i found this is 313’s Food Republic :)

sweet and sour pork

another dish found in 313’s Food Republic is what i called the way sweet and sour pork should be made and presented instead of the usual red blobs on top of rice with nose-piercing aroma. just look at it! it makes you want to dive into it!

awfully chocolate

now this ice cream is not exactly ‘awful’ but it is awfully chocolate! i cant describe how chocolatey it is, it just really really pure chocolate. and sugar. i remember coughing a lot after eating this ice cream. not a pleasant after taste obviously. it was actually delicious for the first 3 bites but not more than that for me, thank you. found this in ION’s Food Republic (B4 floor).

now for the last, of course i’m serving you one of the most delicious AND AND AND i actually found this in Changi Airport (T3) on the second floor in a restaurant called “Prima Taste”

spicy soft-shell crab

singaporean laksa

being the true culinary country, even airport food can looks this amazing. i often transit in singapore on my way home to indonesia and i always have the laksa everytime. without fail. well probably because i am a laksa fan and i’m pretty sure it is one of the tastiest out there.



Singapore : Soup Restaurant

another delicious find in Singapore is Soup Restaurant inside Paragon shopping centre. their feature dish is Samsui Ginger Chicken (do correct me if i get the name wrong) and so we tried that. then my dad ordered the special for the day which was sweet roasted pork served with mantao buns – just as delicious!! the roast pork literally MELTS in your mouth.

soup restaurant feast!

samsui ginger chicken

please dont let the skin throw you off, i know it may look greasy but it doesnt taste greasy at all. it was a pleasantly soft texture once you dig in!

and here’s the droolfest of roasted pork…

roasted pork

all of these dishes are fingerlickinly deeelicious!! must try when visiting Singapore :)

Singapore : Ding Tai Fung

had my first taste of DTF when i visited Taiwan my my parents several years ago. their xiao lung bao is one of the best i’ve ever tasted. the egg fried rice is also to die for!! i can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and supper. their beef noodle soup is also slurpworthy!!

i always make the “effort” to visit DTF whenever i’m in Singapore – just for their egg fried rice. and their xiao long bao. and their beef noodle soup. i’m salivating just thinking about it…

xiao lung bao

egg fried rice

beef noodle soup

garlic snowpeas leaves

apologies if some of the pictures were a bit blurry. i couldnt hold myself together long enough to devour them! needless to say, i do highly recommend DTF if you want to try some delicious chinese cuisine – however, do google where you can get them because i have yet to find DTF in melbourne :(

ding tai fung

Singapore : Rasapura

if you visited Singapore recently, you must have heard of Marina Bay Sands Casino. well, i didnt go to the casino but i did visit the shops! not many stores have opened but it looks promising. and just like every other shopping malls in Singapore, foodcourt is one of the determining factors in making the mall a crowded one- MBSC’s foodcourt is doing exactly that. we walked around the mall, not many people were wondering around but once we’re at the foodcourt, we found where the mass gathered! and i dont blame them. the standard of the foodcourt, named Rasapura, was considerably higher than the ‘regular’ malls foodcourts.

we got there and grabbed a quick lunch. since my dad is a huge roasted-pork fan, we got ourselves some pork dishes :)

honey soy roasted-pork

crackling-skin roast pork

like i’ve mentioned, the quality of these pork dishes are certainly restaurant standard. well, something you don’t expect to find in a humble foodcourt in a recently opened mall. one of the many reasons why i never get bored of Singapore’s food :)

Universal Studios: Mel’s

first of all, apologies for the late update :( when i was overseas, i couldnt find the proper internet connection to update t2t…. okay that’s a lie. i WAS too busy eating (and documenting, of course). and now i’m back! so here we go :)

went to visit the recently opened Universal Studios, located on Sentosa Island, Singapore. just a short trip from the famous Orchard Rd. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) reminds me a lot of WB’s Movie World in the Gold Coast but USS is divided into themes – Shrek, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, etc and each theme has their own unique rides and cute souvenirs.

didn’t really try every food there but the lunch we had was more than decent – especially the chips/french fries. if you visit USS, try out this one near the main street.

lunch at Mel's

grilled fish burger

the fish burger was quite delicious (for a theme-park food standard), it was rather enjoyable actually. reminds me of a fancy maccas’ fillet o’ fish- only better!

grilled chicken burger

loaded potato (fries served with meat sauce)

i’ve always reminded myself that Singaporean food rarely disappoints and i was right! eventhough this was bought and enjoyed in a theme park, the taste was more than just okay. it was an enjoyable experience!

and and and, to keep up with the american theme of the restaurant, check out the place!

mel's diner

so this is entry #1 from my overseas trip. i’m hoping you’ll come back for seconds ;)

until next time, keep your tummy happy!