Bread & Jam for Frances

this small nook just off Glenferrie Rd is already well known for locals. what i enjoy the most about this place is the fact that there is a bookstore just next door :)

it can get too crowded at time but this small cafe is cosy enough for catching up with friends but not too pretentious. i love the simple but appealing menu selection too


tuna baguette


ricotta hot cakes with berries and vanilla labna


salmon quiche with greens

if you are ever find yourself wandering in Glenferrie Rd not knowing where to have to breakfast or brunch, do try Bread & Jam for Frances. again, best enjoyed with friends :)

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Snag Stand

if you havent heard already, haute dogs are the new burgers in town. thanks to Snag Stand (not too mention its convinient location in the corner of one of the most crowded hub in Melbourne CBD)

we decided to go a quick bite and tried the wagyu beef


And the American Classic


The portion was more than enough to keep us filled for a really long time too!

– do try the Chili Dog with extra jalapeno if you love spicy food (warning: NOT for the faint hearted!)
– the chips!! it is heavenly. and all the more delicious if you dip ’em in one of the available sauces

Happy Holidays!

it is indeed the overeating/overindulging season! my favourite time of the year where i truly believe form the bottom of my tummy that calories do not count on holidays ;)

home made ice grass jelly & young coconut

pork kailan on rice (Zab Thai)

steamed pork (Joomak)

spanish doughnut (Mocha Jo’s)

melon soju (Joomak)

some highlights of my overeating/overindulging delicacies this holiday season :) hope everyone had a wonderful break and wishing everyone a fulfilling and awesome year ahead.


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Sydney Megapost #1

only 365 days ago i started to blog about food. partially thanks to the juggernaut that was, and is, Masterchef, i started to see food as a ‘way of life’ – you are indeed what you eat! and here we are a mere 100 something posts later, i’ve made new friends, i’ve got people recommending wonderful restaurants and cafes, i’ve found a new appreciation for food (and i’ve gained couple of kilos too!) – all thanks to this blog!

so THANKYOU for everyone who has been reading this little space of mine. it has been a wonderful 365 days and fingers crossed, more days (and delicious posts!) to come! *clink!!*

SO! let’s get on to some goodness shall we?!

a group of friends and i went to Sydney a few weeks back. it wasnt a culinary trip per se but upon editing the pictures, i realized HOW MUCH we ate during that 5days trip! the ones i’ve edited are only half of what i actually tasted over there – and even that, i have to divide it into 2 posts!

first up, Mother’s Crepe in World Square – i initially heard about this Japanese pastry goodness from Chocolatesuze and came across it by accident on this trip! we decided to try it out before heading to an anticipated (and carnivorous) lunch at Hurricane- so much for making enough space :(

my friend bought the banana custard (?) and i got myself a salmon-cream cheese crepe (as you can see in the peek-ture). dee-licious! now i see what the fuss is about :) a friend of mine also decided to make a quick trip back here before heading off to the airport for our flight home- that’s how good it was!

then we head off to Darling Harbour and got ourselves some delicious-finger lickinly good ribs. i love ribs. so i might be biased when i say that THESE ARE THE BEST RIBS I’VE EVER TRIED IN AUSTRALIA!! notice how there’s only 1 picture documented of these babies?! we just cant wait to dig in! (note : some explicit comments were made when i told my friends not to touch the ribs before i take picture of it…)
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later that night, we got to try Pancakes on The Rocks too! from the usually Pancake Parlour pancakes i’m used to, these pancakes are fluffier eventhough not necessarily yummier. food are always best enjoyed amongst friends, agreed?! :)

i tried the mexican crepes and it was, well, mexican. onions, capsicum and tomatoes. was good. tummy was pleased. and my friend tried the caesar salad, and she said “well, it’s caesar salad” so we decided to share the blueberry pancakes afterwards…

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and speaking of desserts, we stumbled upon this place eloquently described as ‘traditional Taiwanese dessert’ or we refer to it as ‘that asian dessert place’ (real name is Meet Fresh)  – perfectly located in the middle of Chinatown and everytime we walked past it, it was never empty of people! well, you be the judge :)

it is kinda hard to tell what’s what- yam balls, boiled nuts, boiled red beans, other unspecified types of nuts and beans, and the ‘liquid’ underneath is actually grass jelly and you mixed them all together, enjoy and the forget about the rest of the world! so the legend goes that this dessert (reminds me of ice kachang in Singapore, only this one is heeeaaaps better!!) is very famous in Taiwan and made by a grandma up in the mountains (well, that’s what my friend told me) – well either way, it’s a darn good dessert.
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this is the end of part 1 :) watch this space tomorrow for more delicious story of a very happy (and blessed) tummy!


Sydney Megapost #2 is served! :)

New Zealand : Old Library

as i have mentioned before, a group of us (me and friends) went to New Zealand for a week*. we went to Christchurch, Te Anau, Lake Tekapo, Milford Sound and Queenstown….yes, Queenstown. oh how i looooove Queenstown! anyways, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here :p

when we first arrived, we were so amazed by New Zealand’s “purity” (i refuse to call it beauty because beauty is relative, whereas purity is indisputable) that we were about 2 hours behind schedule :( we were meant to arrive in the first town Fairlie around 7pm but because of the impromptu picture taking along the way, we arrived around 9pm, which according to locals translates into ‘no one on the street’ – well, quite literally there was no one and everywhere was already closed :'(

however, we passed this place called ‘Old Library’ which was still opened but looked rrrrreally quiet. so a friend of mine decided to walk in and asked if they can serve dinner. after my friend confirmed that we can still have several dishes on the menu, we jumped in straightaway.

there were 7 of us and only 2 options, either salmon salad or fish & chips. i opted for the fish and chips because i was famished!

fish and chips

to be honest, i couldn’t tell if the fish and chips were really that delicious because i was THAT hungry but it certainly has one of the crunchiest batter i’ve ever come across! my friends decided to order the salmon salad and it was not bad too!

salmon salad

the vegies all looked fresh and so was the salmon! not to shabby for an ’emergency dinner’ i must say :)

but this was not our first meal in NZ, when we first arrived, it was a bit passed lunch time in Christchurch and we stopped on the first familiar sight that can guarantee a happy tummy ;)

burger king (aka hungry jack's)



*we went to NZ just a week before the devastating quake in Christchurch happened :(