Wow! It’s been quite a long while since I last updated this blog. And I still received notifications that some people are still subscribing- thank you so much!

I have moved back to Indonesia since last July and working in the family business. Unfortunately, my field of work does not have anything to do with food. Although, I am utterly grateful to have the food of my childhood surrounding me everyday (and keeping me well nourished!). However, my new position has allowed me to travel a little bit more often than before. So, I’m excited for that bit and of course, trying new cuisines around the world. Hopefully I can post bits and pieces of my food findings around the globe.

Just a quick one, last November, I went back to Melbourne for a short holiday and I managed to make the most of my time while I’m there- foodwise, of course. So here’s just a glimpse of what I had while I was in Melbourne




Again, thanks to everyone who’s still reading my updates. I tend to upload my foodie adventure in facebook [xso feel free to follow me there :)


Until next time!



in case you haven’t noticed, i haven’t really been posting on this blog :( completely my fault. i have been busy with travelling and moving between countries…

however i still update my facebook page and my personal twitter account with loads of food related posts :)

lastly, dont forget to always live scrumptiously!

The Pour Kids

seems like this place is starting to make a hit in the blogosphere!

a friend who used to live around the area prompted me to this place when it was still relatively unheard of. i tried the potato gnocchi with duck sausage dish (yes, for brunch. no, it wasnt heavy- it was quite light and perfect for brunch actually)


aaah… gooey eggy goodness awaits!


oh and did i mention that their coffee is good too? also perfect if you have little kids on prams :)

The Pour Kids on Urbanspoon


Bread & Jam for Frances

this small nook just off Glenferrie Rd is already well known for locals. what i enjoy the most about this place is the fact that there is a bookstore just next door :)

it can get too crowded at time but this small cafe is cosy enough for catching up with friends but not too pretentious. i love the simple but appealing menu selection too


tuna baguette


ricotta hot cakes with berries and vanilla labna


salmon quiche with greens

if you are ever find yourself wandering in Glenferrie Rd not knowing where to have to breakfast or brunch, do try Bread & Jam for Frances. again, best enjoyed with friends :)

Bread & Jam For Frances on Urbanspoon

Kokoro Ramen

Yummy and delicious new finding in CBD! A friend asked me to try the recommended item in the menu “Butter and Corn Miso-based Ramen” and oh dear lordy- it is one of the yummiest ramen I’ve had in Melbourne! They make the ramen on the spot and the broth is quite tasty. Also suitable for vegetarians, just asked for the pork belly slice to be taken out :)

Will definitely return to this joint to try their other ramen :)